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3D Skeleton Datasets for Online Action Detection

Article by William Mocaër

Online action detection is a challenging task in computer vision that involves recognizing and localizing human actions in real-time video streams. To facilitate research in this area, several datasets have been developed, each offering unique characteristics and challenges. In this article, we will present six datasets widely used for skeleton-based …

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MTGSetB et ILGDB – Versions non segmentées

MTGSetB original :

ILGDB original :


Télécharger MTGSetB, untrimmed version : 


Télécharger ILGDB, untrimmed version :


For any questions, please contact Eric Anquetil



La base de données MTG (pour Multi-Touch Gestures)

MTGSetA contient 18 gestes multi-touch.

MTGSetB contient 31 classes, avec 27 gestes multi-touch and 4 gestes multi-stroke mono-touch.

MTGSetA – 18 classes

MTGSetB – 46 classes, regroupées en 31 classes rotation-independant

Gestes disponibles dans MTG



La base MTG est composée de …

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CBAD – table subset

Base XCamille en cours rédaction

Accidental detection dataset


This work takes place in the context of the thesis of of Kwon-Young Choi on the subject of resolving segmentation problems in dense and damaged printed piano scores from the 1750 to 1950 period.

This data set contains 70 pages of music scores with annotations for the task of detecting or rejecting the correct …

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Leap Motion Dynamic Hand Gesture (LMDHG) database


Different from existing dynamic hand gesture datasets, LMDHG contains unsegmented sequences of hand gestures performed with either one hand or both hands. This dataset can therefore be used for recognition of both pre-segmented and unsegmented dynamic hand gestures using skeleton data.

Download the database

Download database information


There were …

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Base de données « Mariages Mexicains »


Ces travaux se placent dans le contexte de la base de données « Family Search » proposée pour le concours de reconnaissance de structure de documents pour la compétition du workshop HIP’2013 (autour de la conférence ICDAR 2013).

Le concours se focalisait sur la localisation de 4 champs d’intéret dans les documents puis un clustering pour …

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Children Handwritings Database


The Children Handwritings Database can be used for analysis of writing performances along a learning process based on repeats of letter writing.

This database is part of IntuiScript, an innovative project that aims for designing a digital notebook dedicated to handwriting learning at primary schools. One of the main goals is to provide …

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Online Multi-User Multi-Touch handwritten diagram DataBase (MUMTDB)


The MUMTDB DataBase can be used for evaluating recognition systems under the multi-user situation.

The handwriting data is collected based on two predefined mind map scenarios which contains 9 different classes of graphical symbols. Each scenario is completed by involving two users at the same time.

Since the users are given freedom to draw …

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Partial block letters


The database of partial block letters is available on demand. This database is the one used in the article:  Damien Simonnet, Eric Anquetil, Manuel Bouillon. Multi-Criteria Handwriting Quality Analysis with Online Fuzzy Models. Pattern Recognition, Elsevier, 2017, 69, pp.310-324. hal-01515397


Training and testing datasets are extracted from a dataset collected from 952 children …

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