Labcom ANR: Script&Labs


  • ANR Joint Laboratory

Project management

Date and Duration

  • 36 months
  • 2018-2021

Presentation of the project

With the success of Intuiscript project (PIA2, digital notebook for learning writing , kaligo), the IntuiDoc team from IRISA laboratory (UMR 6074) and Learn&Go/Script&Go company created the « Script&Labs » LabCom to innovate on Digital Learning.

The scientific principles of the joint laboratory belong to artificial intelligence (pattern recognition, Machine Learning) and man-agent interaction. Interpretation, adaptation and learning are the heart of its researches, aiming to conceive automated interpretation systems for children productions : writing, arithmetic operations, geometric figures. This scientific know-how form the foundation of new solutions in Digital Learning  leading to more independence and customisation for each student learning process.

The results of the joint laboratory will directly be used in innovating educational modules focusing in active learning, handwritten input, analysis and personalised help via immediate feedback on student production.

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