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Evolve Showcase

We present our gesture-based interaction system for multitouch surfaces, called Evolve-Touch. The main feature of our system is its personalization capacity so that user can define his set of gesture and add new gestures at any moment. The system is based on our evolving recognition engine, Evolve++ that can be trained incrementally, starting from few …

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Varchitect : Windows Store application based on Evolve++/EvolveTouch

Varchitect is a Windows Store application that was developped as part of the effort to port the Evolve++/EvolveTouch system to current tablet operating systems.


With Varchitect, users can define their own set of gesture commands to insert furniture or architectural elements in a plan,

and then design their interior with a stylus or fingers.

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Vscript : a Google Play application based on Evolve++/EvolveTouch

Vscript is an Android application that was developped as part of the effort to port the Evolve++/EvolveTouch system to current tablet operating systems. The application is available on Android’s Play Store.

Vscript is a handwriting learning application/game for children. It is meant to be used on android tablets with a stylus, although touch input is …

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Continuous Marking Menus

Contact : Eric Anquetil, Adrien Delaye, Pei-yu Li

Before being able to use pen-based interfaces or finger-based interfaces, user has first to get familiar with the vocabulary of gestures, but gestures are not self-revealing by nature and can be difficult to memorize. A way to assist the user in memorizing the gestures is to …

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A library to extract visual clues

It is the library on which the DocRead software is based. It is composed of various methods of adaptive binarization. Those use either local determination of threshold or edge detection and region growing cooperation. Some of these methods can provide results with a sub-pixel resolution. Using Kalman filters, this library carries out detection of rectilinear …

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Script&Go “electric diagrams”

Contact : Eric Anquetil (, Sébastien Macé

The Imadoc research team has developed DALI, a framework for the design of pen-based software for structured document composition. DALI is based on a grammatical formalism making it possible to describe such document composition rules [Macé&Anquetil, ICDAR’07]. This framework has been transferred to …

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DocRead : an Automatic Generator of Recognition Systems on Structured Documents

Contact : Bertrand Coüasnon ( )

DocRead is an automatic generator of structured document recognition systems. It has been developed thanks to the Dmos method. It is made of a compiler of the EPF language (with which it is possible to describe a document), a parser associated to this language, an …

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Resif : On-line Handwriting Recognition by Hierarchical Fuzzy Inference Systems

Contact : Eric Anquetil ( )

RESIF technology is currently composed of three main softwares to analyze, model and recognize handwritten characters and words:

  • RESIFCar is the software specialized to recognize handwritten characters: latin alphabet, digits and special symbols.

  • RESIFMot is the software for …

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