Category: On-going thesis

On-line analysis of handwritten arithmetic operation on digital tablet: Design of an innovative educational solution to improve learning arithmetic calculations in elementary school

PhD student: Arnaud Lods Supervisors: Eric Anquetil, Sébastien Macé CIFRE founding – Learn&Go society

Real-time interpretation of geometrical sketches production for e-feedback generation in digital learning.

PH-D student : Omar Krichen Supervisors : Eric Anquetil, Nathalie Girard Project: Efran “ACTIF”

Interactive combination of deep learning and syntactical methods for contextual segmentation and structure learning in document recognition

  Phd-student: Kwon-Young Choi Supervisors: Bertrand Coüasnon, Yann Ricquebourg, Richard Zanibbi  

(Français) Approche transversale pour l’analyse et la reconnaissance de gestes 2D et 3D

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