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(Français) Analyse conjointe de la localisation de l’écriture et de sa reconnaissance dans des documents structurés

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(Français) Thèse ANR Franco-Allemand (KIHT)

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Deep Learning in the Wild

  • PhD student: Martin Dornier
  • Supervisors: Philippe Henri Gosselin, Christian Raymond, Yann Ricquebourg et Bertrand Coüasnon
  • CIFRE grant with Interdigital

Deep neural networks and attention mechanisms for handwritten text recognition

  • PhD Student: Kiilian Barrère
  • Supervisors: Bertrand Couäsnon, Aurélie Lemaitre, Yann Soullard

Spatio-Temporal Convolutional Neural Network for Early Action Recognition and Analysis

  • PhD student: William Mocaër
  • Supervisors: Eric ANQUETIL Richard KULPA
  • Project: Digisport EUR

Hybridization of AI approach “Transparent” and “Deep Learning” for the automated analysis of graphic productions of students in the context of education

  • PhD student: Simon Corbillé
  • Supervisors : Eric Anquetil  and Elisa Fromont

(Français) Big-data historique : modélisation de stratégies d’analyse de collections de documents

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On-line analysis of handwritten arithmetic operation on digital tablet: Design of an innovative educational solution to improve learning arithmetic calculations in elementary school

  • PhD student: Arnaud Lods
  • Supervisors: Eric Anquetil, Sébastien Macé
  • CIFRE founding – Learn&Go society