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ILGDB Database


Data collection sessions were performed jointly by the Intuidoc team (Irisa laboratory, Rennes, France) and the Loustic laboratory (Rennes). Any use of the database should mention a reference to its original source.

The collection of pen-based gestures was done within an immersive environment. People were asked to perform pen-based gestures for triggering specific commands …

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(Français) Base de données APDB

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IMISketchSBD Database


Data collection sessions were performed by the Intuidoc team (Irisa laboratory, Rennes, France).


Examples of symbols




Data was collected from 50 architectural plans. The database is organized in 5 subsets, each subset containing symbols from 10 plans. In total, 13 classes of symbols are included : 10 classes of “furniture”, …

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On-Line Database IME-OnDB


IME-OnDB database contains online handwritten data collected in a handwritten Input MEthod and edition tool. It can be used for training and test of online handwritten recognition systems, and more particularly for evaluating quality of relative positioning description. Data samples are organized by pairs of object. A pair is made of a reference object …

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On-Line Database SIGN-OnDB


The Synchromedia-Imadoc Gesture New On-Line Database (SIGN-OnDB) contains data corresponding to on-line handwritten gestures. It can be used to train and test gesture recognition systems, used in applications associating specific gestures to edit functions, for example (like copying digital ink elements). The data was acquired on Tablet PCs and whiteboards.

The gesture set includes …

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ImadocSen-OnDB: Imadoc on-line handwritten sentence database


ImadocSen-OnDB is a database containing on-line handwritten sentences made up of English words in lowercase letters. It can be used to train and evaluate handwriting recognition systems, either on sentences or on isolated words, or for writer identification tasks. The data were collected on Tablet PCs.

The first version of this database was published …

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