On-Line Database IME-OnDB


IME-OnDB database contains online handwritten data collected in a handwritten Input MEthod and edition tool.
It can be used for training and test of online handwritten recognition systems, and more particularly for
evaluating quality of relative positioning description.
Data samples are organized by pairs of object. A pair is made of a reference object associated to an argument object. Reference object is an isolated handwritten letter from
Latin alphabet. Argument object is a diacritical from French language (accent, cedilla), a punctuation symbol (comma, apostrophe) or an editing gesture (deletion, case switch).
Data was acquired on a Pocket PC.

Database contains 18 classes. The class of a pair of objects is actually the class of the argument object (for example: acute accent, comma, deletion editing gesture),
regardless the reference letter. For more information on the data collection protocol, see the corresponding description (file dataset_infos.txt, in the dataset zipfile).

The database contains unistroke handwritten gestures, stored in a simple ASCII format.
Besides the handwritten data, the files also contain information about the writer identity.
For more information on the stored data, see the data format (file dataset_infos.txt, in the dataset zipfile).


The ACCENT On-line Database is structured as follows (last update: 26/09/2011):

15 contributed writers
18 classes
5,525 records (each record is a pair of objects)


The on-line data can be downloaded as a zip file containing all the data as well as information files on the data collected.
Click here to download the zipfile.


If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact Eric Anquetil.