IntuiScript : a digital notebook for learning writing in elementary schools

Project management

Partners in the project

  • Regional education authority of Rennes – Brittany Region – Loustic Laboratory – ESPE Of Brittany

Date and Duration

  • 36 months
  • 2014-2017


Project overview

The Intuiscript project is part of the national project (Investissement d’Avenir – PIA): Innovative digital services and content for basic learning at school in the e-education sector. Started in 2014, the project will end in December 2017. The project is jointly managed by the company Learn & Go (Script & Go) and the research team Intuidoc of the IRISA laboratory. This project is supported by the Brittany Region, the Rennes Academy, the LOUSTIC laboratory and the ESPE of Brittany.

IntuiScript aims for designing a digital notebook dedicated to handwriting learning at primary schools, using pen based digital-tablets. IntuiScript targets students ranging from kindergarten to primary school. This project resulted in the design of a very innovative digital learning tool centred on the acquisition of graphomotor gesture for the learning of handwriting.


One of the main goals is to provide children real-time feedback to make them more autonomous. These feedbacks are made possible by the design of real-time handwriting analysis and recognition engines developed by the IntuiDoc research team. Thus, the child can know whether what he has traced is in conformity in terms of form, direction or order of writing with respect to the teacher instruction. The child will then be able to self-evaluate and thus acquire an autonomy in his / her learning.

Moreover,  this online analysis makes possible a dynamic adaptation of the pedagogical scenario to each child according to his own difficulties.


In addition, the teacher has a dashboard in which he can visualize the evolution and achievements of all his students. Thus, he can identify as soon as possible the difficulties’ variety the children encountered and, with the author mode, he is be able to target and plan pedagogical sessions.


The IntuiScript project complies with a user-centred design approach, based on iterative campaigns of development and test with more than 1000 children from three to seven years old, in 40 pilot-classes, and implying also teachers and pedagogical experts.The project has now matured and resulted in a product that will be marketed in the autumn of 2017: the Kaligo Digital Workbook (


Contact – Scientific Manager

Éric Anquetil ( Web page
Full professor at INSA Rennes, IRISA laboratory
Head of Intuidoc team (


Researchers and engineers in the IntuiDoc team, involved in the project

Nathalie Girard (Associate Professor, University Rennes 1, IRISA lab)
Damien Simonnet (Postdoctoral researcher, INSA, IRISA lab)
Mickael Renault (Research Engineer, INSA, IRISA lab)





This first version of the database has been extracted from the first short-term test campaigns allowing to evaluate the pedagogical relevance of educational scenarios proposed. It contains description of 27.000 handwritten characters (24 different cursive letters), written by 147 children (anonymous ID) with a stylus on a digital tablet. Among the different features, the digital tablet allows the observation of the time required to write a specific symbol, the number of strokes used to write it, and also the pressure applied by the children on the stylus all along each drawing. Moreover, the score progression along the sequence is recorded and each score can be easily linked to specific criteria in the gesture done.


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