Mexican Marriage record database


This work takes place in the context of the “FamilySearch” database proposed for the structure recognition competition during HIP’2013 workshop (satellite of ICDAR 2013)/

This competition focus on the localisation of 4 regions of interest inside of documents, and then a clustering in order to gather similar fields. A proposed metric enables to evaluate the final clustering, but not the field localisation. We propose a manually built ground-truth of the position of the two fields, year and month, that can be used to evaluate to field localisation step.


Contact Family Search  in order to obtain the competition images.

Download our ground-truth containing the position of month and year fields on 220 validation images and 2000 test images.


  • Cannaday, A.B., Gehring, J.: Icdar 2015 hip workshop familysearch competition capstone summary. In: HIP 2013
  • Lemaitre, A., Camillerapp, J.: Hip 2013 familysearch competition – contribution of irisa. In: ICDAR Historical Image Processing Workshop (HIP2013) (2013)
  • Our reference score on this database… coming soon… submitted paper