Intuidoc team is a research group from IRISA laboratory ( The research topics of Intuidoc concern the written communication  and the engineering of documents  under various aspects: analysis, recognition,interpretation of digitized documents, man-document interaction. This research relates to the handwriting and the documents under different forms (manuscript, printed paper form, graph, images, composite documents, etc.) as well as the related activities.

Intuidoc aim to identify new approaches to analysis, recognition, composition and interpretation of complex documents by introducing an interactive process. The originality is to explicitly integrate the user in the process of analysis and decision making, both in recognition of complex documents and in « on-the-fly » interpretation of on-line hand-drawn sketches. This strategy aims to address the limitations of current approaches that are based on non-interactive treatments. The concept is to strengthen decision processes based on implicit or explicit correction of an end user to avoid the propagation of errors of interpretation throughout the analysis.

The main research axis of the project-team is in the convergence of two areas:

  • The analysis and recognition of complex handwritten documents (diagrams, sketches, architectural plans, historical documents, etc.);
  • The Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) involving pen and gestural interfaces, handwritten interaction modalities (Digital Pen, PDAs, Pocket PCs, Tablet PCs, interactive whiteboards).

The addition of these two scientific dimensions constitutes the main originality of the project-team in the international community of handwriting and document recognition.